2017 Fan Favorite Publisher Submission

Have a favorite Publisher?  Would you like to see them receive the award for Fan’s Favorite Publisher at Gen Con ENnie Award this year?  Let us know!

If they’re on this list, no need to relist them. Voting goes live July 11th!

List so far:  (EN Publishing does not qualify)

AAW Games
Adventures in Filbar
Adeventure Scents
AAW Games
Agate RPG
All Rolled Up
Alligator Alley Entertainment
Arc Dream
Atlas Games
Azoth Khem Publishing
Battlefield Press
Black Book Editions
Bleem Divertissements, Inc
Burning Games
Cakebread & Walton
Campaign Coins
Chronicle City
Cone of Negative Energy
Cubicle 7 Entertainment
Dancing Lights Press
DIY RPG Publications
D101 Games
Dreaming Big Publications
DwD Studios
Encoded Designs
End Transmission Games
Evil Beagle Games
Evil Hat
Fantasy Flight Games
Free League Publishing
Frog God Games
Games & Gears
Goblinoid Games
Goodman Games
Green Ronin Publishing
Gun Metal Games
Hawvermale Paper and Pen
Hero Games
Hunters Books
Hydra Cooperative
Imaginary Empire
Immersion Studios
In Search of Games
Iron Crown Enterprises
J. Halk Games
John Wick Presents
Knight Owl Games
Kobold Press
Kotodama Heavy Industries
Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Lampblack and Brimstone
Legendary Games
Lost Pages
LPJ Design
Magpie Games
Melsonian Arts Council
Metal Weave Games
Midnight Syndicate
Mongoose Games
Monkeyfun Studios
Monte Cook Games
Mystical Throne Entertainment
Necrotic Gnome Productions
Night Horse Publishing House / Nathan Neuharth
Nocturnal Media
Norse Foundry, LLC
Onyx Path Publishing
Orcs Unlimited
Outland Arts
Paizo Publishing
Paradigm Concepts
Pelgrane Press
Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Petersen Games
Planet Pulp Productions
Playground Adventures
Posthuman Studios
Precis Intermedia
Raging Swan Press
Red Moon Medicine Show
Rogue Games
Rogue Genius Games
Satyr Press
Savage Mojo
Schwalb Entertainment
Shades of Vengeance
Shield of Faith Studios
Sine Nomine Publishing
Son of Oak Game Studio
Steve Jackson Games
Storm Bunny Studios
Stygian Fox Publishing
Third Eye Games
Trollish Delver Games
Troll Lord Games
Total Party Kills
Ulisses Spiele
Vanishing Tower Press
Wizards of the Coast
Wyrd Games

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