2017 Judges

Name: Stacy Muth
Online Nickname: Whirligig
Introduction and Platform
I am excited to again be considered for ENnies judge. I have a Law degree from Valparaiso and an English BA from Lake Superior State. I live in Dayton, Ohio with my husband, Matthew, and our two dogs, Eris and Loki. I have been involved with some form of gaming since, as a small child, my grandparents taught me Canasta. I discovered RPGs at 10, when my parents got me the Moldvay Red Box for Christmas. They had no idea what it was, but based on the cover, they knew I’d love it –and I did! This lead to discovering Ral Partha minis, which lead to a lifelong love of painting. I spent hours creating D&D characters and pillaging Barbie’s town house with my adventurers. I have since engrossed myself in the hobby, constantly trying new systems and games.
My platform is ‘looking to the new while respecting the past.’  For more information on Stacy: http://wp.me/PCwfx-1oe



Name: Kayra Keri Küpçü
Online Nicknames: Keri
Introduction and Platform
I was born in 1983 and I’m playing tabletop RPG since 1997. First started with the Basic D&D setting, then started playing AD&D 2nd Edition at 1998. Then I played lots of systems. I usually write my own scenarios for my games and I am working on my own RPG system about Gallipoli (World War I)
I am an editor and I edited lots of fantasy books in Turkiye including Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft novels.
In 2004, I created the website FRPNET. Frpnet is the biggest RPG website in Turkiye that nearly 100.000 monthly visitors. And I participated in organization squad in lots of conventions.
I am still playing RPGs and still writing lots of scenarios and drawing lots of dungeon maps. Still trying to find ways to improve the quality of games!
I am living with my wife Guliz, our little daughter Mina and our dog Alice. For more information on Kayra at: http://wp.me/PCwfx-1nW


Name: Jakub Nowosad
Online Nicknames:
 Arathi / Arathic
Introduction and Platform
How to spend time with friends and have fun? Answer is very simple – roll the dice. RPGs are the most creative way to find yourself in the different situations every day. And ENnies is a great way to learn about it.
I’m master in law & master in political science (PhD student for now) and a geek. From 2009 to 2012 I was an assistant editor-in-chief, head of the role-playing games section of Paradoks, one of the first portals in Poland. Now I’m working with other gamers as a redactor and reviewer in another site Gry-Fabularne.pl.
I love playing in every game. It’s good? Wonderful. It’s bad? Improve it. You can choose me and see how gamers in Poland are enjoying one of the best hobby in the world. And it will be a honor to be a judge.  For more information on Jakub: http://wp.me/PCwfx-1oj



Name: Kurt Wiegel
Online Nickname: Game Geeks Guy
Introduction and Platform
Hi. I’m Kurt Wiegel. I’m a professor of chemistry and a husband and proud father of three. I’m an aging gamer now – 43 years old (“The Gamer in Winter?”), and I’ve been gaming for 34 pretty continuous years, and I’ve been lucky enough to find a way to balance my work, family and hobby. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been involved in an on-line RPG review show: Game Geeks on YouTube, and I was thrilled to have been elected as an Ennies judge since 2012, and I’d greatly enjoy the opportunity to do so again. One of the things I love about my hobby is the wide diversity of products and opportunities that it offers- so many stories and so little time. We’ve always had a “no negative review” policy at Game Geeks, something I’d continue here if reelected to the Ennies.  For more information on Kurt:  http://wp.me/PCwfx-1o9



Name: Reece Carter
Online Nickname:Scarius
Introduction and Platform
Giday mates, I’m an Aussie gamer, a dad, and a ex-AJ. I am keen to give this a red hot crack.Let’s face it though, I’m not really going to advertise this that much and I doubt that you will read everything so I will make a easy to use table for you.
Should I vote for Reece – 1D6
2-5 – maybe, but this is a dumb table so why should I listen to it
6 – Yes, and I’ll go make another account and vote for him using that one too

For more information on Reece: http://wp.me/PCwfx-1oA

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