2017 Submissions

This is a running list of all submissions for the 2017 ENnie Awards. Don’t see your favorite publisher/product? Contact them and let them know you want it submitted, they have until May 8, 2017, but the sooner the better!

Updated as of 15 Feb 2017

Agate Editions
Cave Tiles

AKA Games

First Contact

Bedrock Games
Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate

Keep On The Heathlands

Campaign Coins
13th Age Icon Tokens

Call of Cthulhu – Investigator Handbook
Call of Cthulhu – Keeper Rulebook
S. Petersen’s Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors

Density Media
PreppiePunk: Coronation Edition

Realms of Understreet

DIY RPG Productions
Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure

Elderwood Academy
Cursebreaker Dice

First Ones Entertainment
Tyrants of Saggakar – Player’s Guide

Galileo Games
Bulldogs! Sci-Fi That Kicks Ass!
Heart of the Fury

Games & Gears
Gen Con Legends Miniature Series – Ranger
Dark Deeds
DLB Technical Brush Set
Gen Con Xtreme Detailed Brush Set
Gen Con Masters Work Brush Set

Gaming Paper
Mega Dungeon 4 – Rooftops and Alleyways
Edgewater’s Folly
Gaming Paper Isometric

Green Hat Designs

Green Ronin
Fantasy AGE Bestiary
Dragon’s Hoard
Hero High
Dragon Age GM’s Kit
Cinema + Sorcery
Cosmic Handbook

Growling Door Games
SAVE: The Eternal Society
Chill GM Screen

High Rock Press
Aaron Allston’s Strike Force
Michael Sartan’s Journey to the Center of the Earth

Hunter Books
The ABCs of RPGs
The ABCs of RPGs Activity Book

Imaginary Empire

John Wick Presents
7th Sea: Core Rulebook

Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Blood in the Chocolate
Broodmother Skyfortress
England Upturn’D
The Cursed Chateau
Lamentations of the Gingerbread Princess
The Pale Lady
The Squid, the Cabal and the Old Man
Dungeon of the Unknown

Legendary Games
Trail of the Apprentice

Triniton Roleplaying Game

Maximum Mayhem Dungeons
Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #3: Villains of the Undercity

Metal Weave Games
Baby Bestiary, Volume 2
Baby Bestiary, Collector’s Edition

Midnight Syndicate
Zombies!!! Official Board Game Soundtrack

Moebius Adventures
Mazes & Perils Deluxe

Mystical Throne Entertianment
Beyond the Firelight

Norse Foundry, LLC
Pirate Coins

Pelgrane Press
Edom Field Manual
The Thrill of Dracula
Seven Wonders
Dracula Deck
The Book of Changing Years
Timewatch: Behind Enemy Times
The Edom Files
Fear Itself
High Magic & Low Cunning

Plate Mail Games
Rothaen Audio Collection: Rinfaust Forest
Pro RPG Audio: Cthulhu’s Call
Pro RPG Audio: Apocalypse Convoy

GM Word of the Week

RedPathGames Pty Ltd
Grimoire – Tales of Wizardry and Intrigue

Rising Phoenix Games
Phoenixes – A Field Guide

Satyr Press

Maze of the Blue Medusa

Solarhythmia’s Fantasy Ambient Music

Storm Bunny Studios
The Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Campaign Guide

Tabletop Events
Tabletop Events

D6 Football, A Desktop Simulation of American Football

Third Eye Games
AMP: Year 3
Ninja Crusade 2nd ed.
Ninja Crusade 2nd ed Quickstart
Sins of the Father.


White Wizard Games
Hero Realms

Ziapelta Games
Wrath of the Autarch

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