2017 Voting is live!

Please vote for your favorite publishers, Judges, and our nominees in our 2017 ENnies Awards.  Voting is live and runs until 11 PM EDT on July 21st.


Good luck to all our nominees!

10 Responses to “2017 Voting is live!”

  1. Kim alvelius says:

    Tales from the Loop RPG, For best setting

  2. Cindy Whitehead says:

    Hi Kim,
    Thank you. Please feel free to go to the link :
    http://www.ennie-awards.com/vote/2017 in order to cast your vote.

  3. Shelley Chaffin says:

    Would like to vote, please.

  4. Cindy Whitehead says:

    Hi Shelley. Please go to http://www.ennie-awards.com/vote/2017. One vote per IP address please. If you cannot vote, it may be due to someone else sharing your IP address.

  5. Alfredo Lampert Soler says:

    Tales from the Loop RPG

  6. Michael Sarah McVey says:

    “TALES FROM THE LOOP” for everything!! That’s it, no more voting. Everyone else can now go home.

  7. Leena Swarts says:

    Bacon Battalion RPG

  8. Cindy Whitehead says:

    Sorry, Bacon Battalion RPG is not a nominee. If you’d like to vote for How to be a Great Gamemaster, they are found under Best Podcast.

  9. Stefan Sehlin says:

    Tales from the loop, everything

  10. At last my role-player daughter has moved out, so we can both vote in peace… living in the same house as another role-player makes it difficult.