2018 Judges

Name: Brian Nowak
Online Nickname: banantalis
Introduction and Platform
I love games. It’s that simple. I started when I was five years old, cutting my teeth on time-tested staples like The Floor is Lava and Junior Scrabble. Growing up, I gobbled games like hippos at their marbles. I grokked on Final Fantasy, Risk, Zelda, and eventually Magic – my gateway drug. Planeswalkers and mana led me to the promise land where I discovered RPGs and the wonder that was AD&D 2nd edition.  I could throw away my Playstation! Here were all the adventures I could ever imagine (and some I couldn’t even). I had arrived.

For more information on Brian: http://wp.me/PCwfx-1ua



Name: Denise Robinson
Online Nicknames: MsD, dextra
Introduction and Platform
I care about games, gamers, and the gaming community. They’ve gotten me through rough times, and also made for some of my best times and friends as well. I care deeply about the ENnies: they’re a chance to recognize the often unrecognized hard work and quality product in an otherwise often thankless and misunderstood hobby.

I once won an ENnie for my product, “Portable Hole Full of Beer” at my first Gen Con (the last in Milwaukee). After that, I ran the ENnies for six years, growing it into “Gen Con’s crown jewel” as Peter Adkison called it. I’ve volunteered hundreds of hours to the Awards already, and have seen the judges various struggles and deliberations first-hand.

I know that I have the skills, support network, experience, passion, and time to be a great judge. For more information on Denise at: http://wp.me/PCwfx-1tL



Name: Kurt Wiegel
Online Nickname: Game Geeks
Introduction and Platform
Hi. I’m Kurt Wiegel. I’m a professor of chemistry and a husband and proud father of three. I’m an aging gamer now – 45 years old (“The Gamer in Winter?”), and I’ve been gaming for 37 pretty continuous years, and I’ve been lucky enough to find a way to balance my work, family (wife + four kids) and hobby. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been involved in an on-line RPG review show: Game Geeks on YouTube, and I was thrilled to have been elected as an Ennies judge since 2012, and I’d greatly enjoy the opportunity to do so again.

One of the things I love about my hobby is the wide diversity of products and opportunities that it offers- so many stories and so little time. We’ve always had a “no negative review” policy at Game Geeks, something I’d continue here if reelected to the Ennies. For more information on Kurt:  http://wp.me/PCwfx-1tx



Name: Reece Carter
Online Nickname: Scarius
Introduction and Platform
Giday mates, I’m an Aussie gamer, a dad, and a ex-AJ. I am keen to give this a red hot crack.

Giday everyone,
I’m back again to bang my hat into the ring. Much like last time I won’t really advertise this much but you should totally vote for me.

Like really… VOTE FOR REECE!!!

No really, vote for me mate

For more information on Reece: http://wp.me/PCwfx-1sv


Name: Sean McCoy
Introduction and Platform
My name’s Sean McCoy. I co-founded Tuesday Knight Games along with my friend Alan Gerding, and together we publish party games like “Two Rooms and a Boom” and “World Championship Russian Roulette.” I’ve worked in the game industry for about 5 years, starting out as the Director of Operations at Arcane Wonders, when they first launched “Mage Wars.” I’d love to be an ENnies Judge and I think what you guys do is amazing, and I would be honored to be a part of it.

For more information on Sean: http://wp.me/PCwfx-1sT

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