2019 Judges

Name: Brian Nowak
Online Nickname: banantalis
Introduction and Platform
I love games. It was that simple last year when voters honored me with the opportunity to judge the 2018 ENnies, and it remains that simple today.

The ENnies have deepened my appreciation for the heart poured into our collective obsession. Judging revealed to me an industry full of diverse thought, intersectionalism, grognard-ianism, and innovation that deserves a well-curated list of the best, most inclusive, increasingly diverse authors, artists, and topics we can manage. I want to give that to you.

I love games – I said it last year, it remains true this year. From childhood board games to video games to Magic to D&D to the ENnies, my gaming history starts early and goes down some pretty exciting paths. RPGs opened to me infinite worlds of possibility, and I’ve never left; we owe it to our next generation of gamers to keep the industry as welcoming!

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Name: Brent Jans
Online Nickname: Renaissance Gamer
Introduction and Platform
I love tabletop role-playing games, and I especially love how the hobby has evolved since I started playing and GMing over thirty years ago. I love reading and talking about new games and supplements, especially with an eye to their inclusiveness and accessibility. I think TTRPGs are for everyone, and I’m an especially big fan of companies which take that extra step to make sure as many people can see themselves in their game. This is my first time stepping up to being an ENnies Judge, and I look forward to evaluating games through an inclusive lense. (And I’m Canadian, so you’ll have to excuse the odd “u” in an odd place, or some odd spellings. The British influence never left our grammar.)

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Name: Benjamin Adelman
Introduction and Platform
Hi. I’m Ben Adelman. I’m a former researcher and current online contractor. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with my girlfriend. I first got introduced to RPG’s over 20 years ago when I “borrowed” my brother’s 2nd edition D&D and Palladium Robotech books. I cut my teeth on GMing with 3rd edition D&D in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, but the last 7-10 years have been the best of my RPG career. It’s been a veritable Golden Age with fascinating new systems, interesting worlds, and amazing art and writing. The growing up of the indie scene and the incredible innovation of the OSR has led to a ton of absolutely fantastic games. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring us, and I would be honored to be one of your 2019 Ennies judges.

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Name: Chris Gath
Online Nickname: Crothian
Introduction and Platform
I’ve been playing and running RPGs since the early 80’s. I’ve organized a few gameday get togethers over the years, done hundreds of reviews, and seen quite a change come to the community. If I win and become an ENnie judge I’m going to press the other judges to work harder and try to get the awards back on track. There has been too much controversy and growth and the spirit of the awards, to honor the best RPG books each year, needs to be the focus.
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Name: Alexander Holley
Online Nicknames Lxcharon
Introduction and Platform
The television show Rugrats got me into roleplaying in a round about way when an episode aired about a Big Book of Monsters, and I was so obsessed with the concept that I begged my father for one. Being a former roleplayer himself the only Big Book of Monsters he could think of was D&D’s Monster Manual. AD&D’s Monster Manual specifically. I poured over the book, obsessed with the alien creatures, and fantastic Tony Diterlizzi art. Knowing that it belonged in a game system I wanted to play with these monsters so badly. Fast forward to getting the Big Red Box and the rest is history.

In the years since I have worked to carve out a spot in the tabletop rpg world for my friends and I. Looking for diversity, acceptance, and creativity in all the games I play.

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