2018 Submissions

This is a running list of all submissions for the 2018 ENnie Awards. Don’t see your favorite publisher/product? Contact them and have them submit! Deadline is May 8th, 2018!  Be sure to check the rules for date deadlines.

Updated as of 1 June 2018

+1 Forward
+1 Forward: A Podcast Powered by the Apocalpyse

0one Games
0one’s Blueprints: The Great City – The Elder Wards
Øone’s Blueprints: Dwarven Depths – North Gate
A Dead Reckoning

AAW Games
Heir & Back Again
Future’s Past: Edge Station (1 of 5)
Future’s Past: Paying Forward (2 of 5)
Future’s Past: First Contact (3 of 5)
Secret Weapons Project
Underworld Races & Classes
Nerd Trek

Absolute Tabletop
Adventure Kit: Oath of the Frozen King
Be A Better Weapon Master 2

Adventure Scents
Cooking with Dice
Cooking With Dice: The Acid Test

Adventures in Filbar
TS1 Heart of Darkness
TS2 Doughty Princess
FAR2 Discord at the Docks
FAR3 Xiomara’s Globe
T1 – Lord Griffons 40 Golden Eggs
The Bard’s Podcast

Alex Clippinger
We’ll Sleep Here Tonight

All My Fantasy Children
All My Fantasy Children

Alligator Alley Entertainment
Esper Genesis 5e Heroic SciFi RPG Basic Rules

Amazing Rando Design
Blades in the Dark SRD

Amazing Tales
Amazing Tales

Appendix N Book Club
Appendix N Book Club

Arc Dream Publishing
Delta Green: A Night at the Opera
Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game
Delta Green: The Way It Went Down

Atomic Game Theory
Atomic Game Theory

Atramentis Games
Xas Irkalla

Azure Keep
Ruma: Dawn of Empire

Battlefield Press
Agents of G.A.I.A.
Ben Dunn’s Ninja High School the Anime and Manga RPG (Savage Worlds)
Gaslight Victorian Fantasy 3e for Savage Worlds
Terran Trade Authority: The Proxima War

Ben and Aura
The Tragedy of GJ237b

Black Book Editions
Mythic Battles: Pantheon

Black Campbell Entertainment
The Queen of the Orient

Blasphemous Tomes
The Good Friends of Jackson Elias

Bleem Games
Dark Mages (v1.5)
Dark Mages: The Arcane Order

Block Party Podcast Network
Dungeon Master’s Block

Broken Ruler Games
High Plains Samurai: Legends

Bully Pulpit
Ghost Court

Buried Without Ceremony
Monsterhearts 2

Burning Games
FAITH: the Sci-Fi RPG 2.0 Core Book

Bytes N Brews
Almost Heroic

Campaign Coins
Campaign Coins Deven Rue Compass Rose

Campaign Mastery
Campaign Mastery

Cannibal Halfling Gaming
Cannibal Halfling Gaming Blog

Catalyst Game Labs
BattleTech BattleMech Manual
Dragonfire: A D&D Deckbuilding Game
Shadowrun: Dark Terrors
Shadowrun: Denver 3 – Ripping Reality
Shadowrun: Forbidden Arcana
Shadowrun: The Complete Trog
Shadowrun: Book of the Lost
Shadowrun: The Seattle Gambit
Shadowrun: Sixth World Tarot

Cavalry Games
To Serve Her Wintry Hunger

Khan of Khans
Runequest: Playing in Glorantha Quickstart
The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic
The Two-Headed Serpent
Reign of Terror
Down Darker Trails
Petersen’s Abominations

Character Creation Cast
Character Creation Cast

Chase Irwin
The Memoirs of Abel Mondragon – Vol. 1: Captivity

Christopher Grey
The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth

Christian Zoltar Bellomo
Sage Advice

Christopher West’s Maps of Mastery
Distant Frontiers Deluxe Poster Map Set

CM Games
Spy Master

Cone of Negative Energy
Hex Kit
Hex Kit: The Black Spot Tileset
Hex Kit: Traveling Through Dangerous Scenery Tileset

Cosmic Crit
017: Capt Nash’s Haunted Ship Club Band
027: The Shape of Slaughter
031: Skreesire Hills K9204

Cubicle 7 Entertainment
Adventures in Middle Earth – Wilderland Adventure
Adventures in Middle-Earth Loremaster’s Guide
Adventures in Middle-Earth Rhovanion Region Guide
Cards from the Smoke
Cthulhu Tales
Lone Wolf Adventure Game – Magnamund Menagerie
Doctor Who – The Black Archive

Foreplay: An Erotic Storytelling Game
Quickie Foreplay

Dames and Dragons
Dames and Dragons

Darker Days Radio
Darker Days Radio #82: The White Wolf, Unchained

Darker Hue Studios
Harlem Unbound

Darklight Interactive
The Coming Dark, Chapter One: Into the Light
The Festival of Magic

Death by Mage
Guide to the Feywild
Journey into the Feywild

Definitely Human Productions
The Infinite Bad

Density Media
Bring That Beat Back
Classic Classes – Fighter
Classic Classes – Ranger
Dance ‘Til Dawn
Strong Island

Detentions and Dragons
Detentions and Dragons

Dice Geeks

DIY RPG Productions
Death is the New Pink
Gathox Vertical Slum

Dog Houser Rules LLC
Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin Savaged

Don’t Split the Podcast Network
Table Top Babble
Behold Her
Have Spellbook, Will Travel

Dread Unicorns Games
The Gods Have Spoken: Deities and Domains

Drop Dead Studios
Spheres of Might

Dungeon Master of None
Dungeon Master of None Podcast

Dungeons and Donuts
The Scenario From Ontario: The Most Canadian Pair of LotFP Adventures
Rey and Kiel Can Do! A podcast about games and stuff

Dungeons and Randomness
Dunegons and Randomness Podcast

Ed Turner
By the Author of Lady Windermere’s Fan

Elven Tower
Elven Tower Cartography and Adventures

Encoded Designs
Love & Justice
Whirlwind Millionaire

Encounter Roleplay
Turncloaks – D&D5E Dark Fantasy Actual Play Podcast
WanderQuest – D&D5e Actual Play

Evil Beagle Games
Cities of Wonder – Clay Town
Cities of Wonder – Whispering Pines
Filthy Lucre
Unpleasant Discoveries

The Imperial City

Feast of Tigers

Here Be Dragons

Evil Hat Productions, LLC
Blades in the Dark
Dresden Files Accelerated
Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game
Fate Adversary Toolkit
Fate Dice: Fire Dice
Fate Dice: Midnight Dice
Greedy Dragons
Karthun: Lands of Conflict

Fabled Environments
Buccaneer: Through Hell and High Water
The Monster Hunters Club-Preview

Fandible Actual Play Podcast
Soloshot: Star Wars Force & Destiny, Episode 2×05
Longshot Ep. 56

Fear of a Black Dragon
Fear of a Black Dragon

Free League Publishing
Mutant: Mechatron
Our Friends the Machines – Tales from the Loop RPG

Game Salute
Storm Hollow

Game Soapbox Productions
Lucid Dreams Role-playing Engine

GameFace Publishing, LLC
Lore: Core Rules

The White Box: A Game Design Workshop-in-a-Box
Beating the Story: How to Map, Understand, and Elevate Any Narrative
Friendly Local Game Store: A Five-Year Path to a Middle-Class Income

GamersTable Society
Openly Gamer Theatre: High Plains Samurai

Games Collective

Gaming Paper
Double Sided Dry Erase Tiles

Gate Keeper Games
Halfsises Dice: Yin Yang
Halfsies Dice: Queen’s Dice

The Gauntlet Podcast
The Gauntlet Podcast

Geeks a Gogo
Geeks a Gogo Game Reviews

Genesis of Legend Publishing
Sig: Manual of the Primes

Genius Loci Games
Pyramid of the Lost King

Genres Game System, LLC
Going Somewhere: The Roleplaying Game

Ghostly Rituals
Dead Friend: A Game of Necromancy


Going Last Tabletop Gaming Podcast
Going Last

Gnome Stew
Gnome Stew – The Gaming Blog

Godsfall Worldbook
Godsfall Episode 68: The City of Gold

Greater Than Games
The Letters Page Podcast
Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game Starter Kit

Green Ronin Publishing
Critical Role: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting
The Book of the Righteous
Six of Sword
Freeport Bestiary
Freedom City

Greg Marks
Lost Tales of Myth Drannor
CCC-CIC-08 The Last Voyage of the Woolgathering Tidsoptimist
DDAL06-02 The Redemption of Kelvan

Grim & Perilous Studios

Growling Door Games

Hebanon Games
Red Markets: A Game of Economic Horror

Hero Forge Games
Forge Engine Universal Role-playing System

High Rock Press
Jess Nevins’ Encyclopedia of Golden Age Superheroes
Darren Watts’s Golden Age Champions
Michael Surbrook’s Ghosts Ghouls & Golems

Higher Grounds
Warsong Second Ed.
Slasher RPG
Super Retro Sourcebook Vol. 1

Human Hand and Brain
Seco Creek Vigilance Committee

Hydra Cooperative
Mortzengersturm, The Mad Manticore of the Prismatic Peak
Operation Unfathomable

Hypernode Media / Tayler Corporation
Planet Mercenary RPG

Imagining Gamer
Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny

Infinite Black
Elder Dice

Inkwell Ideas

InnRoads Ministries

Seven Worlds Setting Guide
Seven Worlds Campaign Book

Introcaso LLC
World Builder Blog
Cellar of Death

Island of Bees
Westbound: Dust and Dragons

J. Halk Games
Lethal Lexicon

Karvosti – The Witch Hammer

Jean Lorber
Tavern Brawl Builder

Jetpack 7
Gods & Goddesses

John Brazer Enterprises
Deadly Delves: The Gilded Gauntlet
Deadly Delves: The Dragon’s Dream (PFRPG)
Deadly Delves: Nine Lives For Petane (PFRPG)

John Wick Presents
7th Sea – Nations of Théah, Vol. 1
7th Sea – Nations of Théah, Vol. 2
7th Sea- The Crescent Empire
7th Sea – The New World
Songs from the 7th Sea
Pirate Booty Box

Kelsam Tabletop
Kelsam Tabletop
Token Caster

Ken Zieger Games
The Dragon Role Playing System

Killer Snails
Biome Builder

Kobold Press
Midgard Digital Map
Midgard DM Screen for 5th Edition
Midgard Heroes Handbook for 5th Edition
Midgard Worldbook for 5th Edition and PFRPG

Kort’thalis Publishing
Adventure Writing Like A Fucking Boss
Battle for the Purple Islands
Dead God Excavation
The S’rulyan Vault II
Player’s Handbook Like a Fucking Boss

Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Fish Fuckers
Frostbitten & Mutilated
Vaginas are Magic

Le Trip Fantastique
2 Sided Roleplaying
3 Minutes to Roleplay
Adventures in 54 cards – the instant tales RPG
CARTOMANCY the 54-card Role-Playing Game

Legendary Games
Royal Tournaments (5e)
Legendary Planet: To Worlds Unknown (SF)
Legendary Beginnings: A Feast of Flavor
Aetheric Heroes
Faerie Bargains (Pathfinder)
Fort Scurvy

Lone Wolf Development
Hero Lab Online

Loot the Room
Bulette Storm
Loot the Room

Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks

Ma’at Crook
Bleeding Gate: Amalgamation
Bleeding Gate: Lineage
Bleeding Gate: Pandemonium

MAD Design, Inc
So, A Cleric and a Vampire Walk Into a Tavern…

Magpie Games
Bluebeard’s Bride
Bluebard’s Bride: Book of Rooms
Cartel Quickstart
Epyllion: Encyclopedia Draconica, Volume 1: Tales and Stories
Masks: Halcyon City Herald Collection
Masks: Desk of Influence
Masks: Deck of Villainy

Make Believe Games
Revolutionaries: Join or Die

Many-Sided Dice Publishing
Lost Artifacts of Greyghast – A 5e Magic Item Compendium

Mayhem in Paper
Steamcoach Carriage

Melsonian Arts Council
Fever Swamp

Melvin Smif’s Geekery
Melvin Smif’s Geekery

Menagerie Press
CCC-PDXAGE-02-01 The Dark Hunt
CCC-PDXAGE-01-01 The White Well
CCC-SFBAY-04-01 The Cornflower Hive

The Mines of Chult

Mesa Mundi Inc

Metal Weave Games
Roleplay Cafe: Where Tabletop Gamers come to play
Atlas Animalia

Michael Maenza
CCC-CIC-06 End of the Line

Michael Terlisner
Modos 2

Michael Wolf
Stargazer’s World – A roleplaying games blog

Mike Myler
Book of Exalted Darkness
Mists of Akuma: Eastern Fantasy Noir Steampunk for Shadow of the Demon Lord
Operation Nazi Smasher

Mindjammer Press

Minionworks LLC
Troublesome Times in Tumbleson County – (A Monster of the Week Actual-Play)
Welcome to Dooneyland! (A Happiest Apocalypse on Earth Actual-Play)
Minion Minute

Misdirected Mark
Misdirected Mark Podcast
Down with D&D
Panda’s Talking Games
Hobbs and Friends of the OSR
Wednesday Evening Podcast All-Stars
Cypher Speak
She’s a Super Geek

Miskatonic University Podcast
MUP 141 – Chris Spivey, Special Collections

Modiphius Entertainment Ltd.
Corvus Belli: Infinity Players Guide
Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Gamesmaster’s Toolkit
Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of
Robert E. Howard’s Conan The Barbarian
Robert E. Howard’s Conan The Book of Skelos
Star Trek Adventures
Star Trek Adventures Miniatures: 32mm miniatures The Next Generation
Star Trek Adventures Gamemaster Screen

Molten Sulfur Press
Archive: Historical People, Places, and Events for RPGs

MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing
The Midderlands – An OSR Setting & Bestiary

Monkeyfun Studios
Bedlam Hall

Monsters of the Guild
Monsters Without Borders

Monte Cook Games
Jade Colossus: Ruins of the Prior Worlds
Escape from the Jade Colossus
Ninth World Bestiary 2
The Night Clave
Uh-Oh, Monsters!
Predation: The Age of Crest and Bone
Predation: The Cawdor Complex
Myth of the Maker
I’m a Guide!
Unmasked in the City
Unmasked: Day 1
The Infinity Shift
Dread Expectations

Mount Ogden Gaming Company
Trouble in the Old City
CCC-MACE01-01 The Blight of Geoffrey
CCC-Anime01-01 Legend of the Sword Bandit, Surprise!

Mutha Oith Creations
Holy Crap, The Great Sects Change Operation

MVmedia LLC
Ki Khanga Sword and Soul Role Playing Game: Basic Rules

Neon Rival
Neon Rival Presents: Tomb of Annihilation

Nerd Trek
Nerd Trek

Nerd’s Domain
Masks of Nyarlathotep

Nerdarchy LLC

Newbie DM
Newbie DM Minicast

NF Studio
Pocket Mimic 5e Podcast

Norse Foundry
Adventure Coins – Norse Themed Roleplaying Metal Gaming Coins

Northland Creative Wonders

Nothing Ventured Games
Robots of Known Space

Okumarts Games
The Kingdom of Richard

Olde House Rules
Diceless Dungeons
Stalkers of the Elder Dark

On the Shoulders of Dwarves
On the Shoulders of Dwarves

One Shot Podcast Network
One Shot Podcast

The Other Side
The Other Side

Paizo Fans United
Wayfinder Bestiary

Paizo Inc.
Starfinder Alien Archive
Starfinder Adventure Path: Incident at Absalom Station (Dead Suns 1 of 6)
Starfinder Flip-Mat: Cantina
Starfinder Alien Archive Pawn Box
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Taverns
Starfinder Pact Worlds
Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-11: The Jarlsblood Witch Saga PDF
Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Scenario #1-09: Live Exploration Extreme! PDF
Starfinder GM Screen
Starfinder Core Rulebook
Starfinder First Contact

Paradigm Concepts, Inc
Forged in Magic: REFORGED

Parhelia Games
Altais: Age of Ruin

Party of One
Party of One Podcast

Paths to Adventure
The Big Book of Maps for Tabletop Roleplaying Games – Volume 1: Fantasy Adventure

Pelgrane Press
13th Age Bestiary 2 – Lions & Tigers & Owlbears
Book of Demons
Cthulhu Confidential
Cthulhu City
Ex Astoria – A Cthulhu Confidential adventure
Fire and Faith Battle Scenes
Fire & Faith: Battle Scenes for Four Icons Map Folio
High Voltage Kill
Ken And Robin Talk About Stuff
One for the Money
Out of the Woods
See Page XX – The Pelgrane Press webzine
Swords Against Owlbears – Font of Knowledge
The House up on the Hills
The Howling Fog
The Shadow Over Washington – A Cthulhu Confidential adventure
Timewatch – The Valkyrie Gambit
Timewatch – Game Master’s Screen and Resource Book

Petrecca Entertainment LLC

Plate Mail Games
The Numenera Audio Collection

Playful Leviathan Press
Conspiracist: the Game They Don’t Want You to Play

Plot Points
Plot Points Podcast

Poison Potion Press
Shore of Dreams

Posthuman Studios
Eclipse Phase Second Edition Quick-Start Rules

Privateer Press
Iron Kingdoms: Strangelight

Q Workshop
Metal Call of Cthulhu Dice Set

Raging Owlbear
Raging Owlbear – GM 101: Does Story Trump Rules?

Raphael Lima
Potiguares: the natives of Rio Grande do Norte

Rarr! I’m A Monster Publishing
Agents of the Funk
Beware, The Spider Queen! – Rarr I’m A Pocket Game # 14
Spare Parts – Rarr I’m A Pocket Game # 15

Ravendesk Games
Vurt: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Reaper Miniatures
Ma’al Drakar, Dragon Tyrant

Redemption Star Wars Actual Play Podcast

Rob Silva
CCC-CIC-04 Best Friends Forever

Robert Bohl Games
Misspent Youth
Misspent Youth: Sell Out with Me

RPG Casts
RPG Casts


RPG Resource
RPG Resource

Rob Twohy (rob2e)
Fantasy Grounds 5e Coding Package

Robert Silva
CCC-CIC-05 Donum Vitae

Rogue Games, Inc
Shadow, Sword & Spell 2E
Colonial Gothic: Settings

Rolistes Podcast
The Rolistes Podcast – Episode 24 – Armagnac, Strudel, Munchausen, James Wallis & a Few Other Friends

Roll for Combat
Roll for Combat Podcast

Room 209 Gaming
Forthright Open Roleplay

Rowan, Rook, and Decard

Samjoko Publishing

Samurai Sheepdog
The Book of Many Things Volume 1: Order and Chaos

Sanctum Media
Sanctum Secorum Companion
Sanctum Secorum Podcast
Sanctum Secorum Blog

Saturnine Studios
Spells from Elsewhere

Saving Throw

Scratchpad Publishing
Dusk City Outlaws

Seth Skorkowsky
Seth Skorkowsky 

Shoreless Skies
Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse

Skeleton Key Games
Arcane Scrollworks: First Level Spell Treasury II

Sly Flourish
Sly Flourish
Sly Flourish’s Fantastic Adventures
DM’s Deep Dive

Son of Oak Game Studio
City of Mist RPG – Core Book
City of Mist RPG – Location Maps
City of Mist Character & Theme Cards

Sonic Realms
Sonic Realms

Spectrum Games
On the Air
The Complete Guide to Warriors of the Cosmos

Spellburn Podcast

Spidermind Games
Elite Dangerous Roleplaying Game

Starwalker Studios LLC
Game Master’s Journey

Stormforge Productions

Strange Corpse Posse
Strange Corpse Posse Podcast

Stephanie Bryant
Threadbare RPG

Stygian Fox
Hudson & Brand, Inquiry Agents of the Obscure

Swordfish Islands
The Dark of Hot Springs Island
A Field Guide to Hot Springs Island

Sword’s Edge Publishing
The Wall

Syrinscape Pty Ltd

Ultimate Starfinder Megapack

Tabletop Audio
Tabletop Audio – Original Ambiences and Interactive SoundPads for Games and Stories

Tabletop Potluck
Mouse Guard Introduction

Tales of Blood and Stone
Tales of Blood and Stone Podcast

Tavern Tales
Tavern Tales Junior

Teos Abadia and Eric Menge
Jungle Treks

Terminally Nerdy
Divine Soul Sorceror

The RPG Academy
Faculty Meetings
GM Masterclass
The Trial of MASKS

Third Eye Games
Pip System Corebook

Travis Woodall
DDAL06-01 A Thousand Tiny Deaths

Total Party Thrill
Total Party Thrill #107: An Introduction to Role-Playing Games & Beginner’s Luck
TPT #131: Lawful Good & The Goody Two-Shoes
TPT #122: Randomly Generated Backstories & The Armored Arcana


Two Starving Gnolls
Pax Cthuliana

UFO Press
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition

Ulisses North America
Torg Eternity Core Rules
Torg Eternity: Day One Adventures
Torg Eternity Delphi Missions: Rising Storm
Torg Eternity Drama Deck
Torg Eternity Soundtrack
The Dark Eye Warring Kingdoms
The Dark Eye Aventuria Map Set

Up to Four Players
Crystal Heart

Vagrant Workshop
Itras By – The Menagerie

Venture Maidens
Venture Maidens Podcast

Walking Away from Arcadia
Walking Away from Arcadia: Beyond the Mists I

We Hate Bards
Tremulus: A Favor for Doctor Johnson
Vampire the Masquerade: One Big Misunderstanding
Call of Cthulhu: Dr Bobin’s Memorial Hospital

Weird 8
Sun Spots

Wet Ink Games
Wild Skies: Europa Tempest
The Bear and Brunhilde: A Wild Skies Adventure

Why Not Games
Surial Bear Folk of the North (5e)
Slaves of the Earthlings

William Beers
CCC-KUMORI-01-01 Wreckers

WGP Studios
The Classic FASERIP Podcast

Wicked Clever
Purgatory House

Wrong Bothers Gaming
Axon Punk Overdrive

Zadmar Games
Saga of the Goblin Horde
Blood and Bile


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