2019 Submissions

This is a running list of all submissions for the 2019 ENnie Awards. Don’t see your favorite publisher/product? Contact them and have them submit! Deadline is May 4th, 2019!  Be sure to check the rules for date deadlines.

3 Toadstools Publishing
Return of the Blue Baron

Alone Against the Dark
Scritch Scratch
13th Age Glorantha

Galileo Games
People of the Zone

The Curators

High Rock Press
Champions Character Creation Cards
Champions Character Creation Cards Expansion Pack

HPL Historical Society/Chaosium
Masks of Nyarlathotep Gamer Prop Set
Petersen Games Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos (Leatherbound)

Knights of Vasteel
Magwa’s Magic Item Compendium Mobile App

Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Sounds of the Mushroom Kingdom
She Bleeds
Going Through Forbidden Otherworlds
Obscene Serpent Religion 2
Random Esoteric Creature Generator
Eldritch Cock

Legendary Games
Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium

Loke BattleMats
Giant Book of Battle Mats

Nerdy City

Phoenix Outlaw Productions
Smoke and Glass

R Talsorian
The Witcher RPG

Red Moon Roleplaying
Red Moon Roleplaying

Skinny Avacado Games
Deep Gods Gyre

Updated as of 15 December 2018


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