2020 Judges

Benjamin Adelman


I’m a former researcher and sometimes online contractor. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with my girlfriend. I first got introduced to RPG’s over 20 years ago when I “borrowed” my brother’s 2nd edition D&D and Palladium Robotech books. I cut my teeth on GMing with 3rd edition D&D in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, but the last 5-10 years have been the best of my RPG career. It’s been a veritable Golden Age of fascinating new systems, interesting worlds, and amazing art and writing. As an ENnies judge last year I had the privilege to see the sheer breadth of creative output and ingenuity in rpgs. I would be honored to have the opportunity to represent this wonderful community one last time.

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Rachel Campbell


I’ve always told people that gaming is in my blood. My parents met at a game store where my mother worked and my father was a regular. I grew up sitting on my father’s lap, watching him run Original Champions for the neighborhood teenagers. I’ve been playing RPGs for nearly 20 years now, and watching them be played for nearly my entire life. I’ve played old systems like HarnMaster and Traveler, mainstream favorites like 5e, diceless systems like The King Is Dead and unique systems like Weave. Tabletop RPGs have been a powerful way for me to give and receive love, sharing stories and memories with family and friends old and new. I believe games should be for everyone and help people tell all kinds of stories, so that they can make new memories together.

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Chris Gath

I have been gaming for decades and have enjoyed the advancement and creativity that gaming offers. I want to see what new and creative voices that are challenging the way games are written and being played have to say. I like to see old ideas done in new and exciting ways. If I am lucky enough to be a judge this year I vow to offer a voice for the small press games and the PDFs. I look for creativity in rules and setting no matter how it is presented.

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Shauna Ratliff


Like most gamers my first game was DnD and I took it home to make my parents play with me. I had to read the rules and teach them how to play. I have always been a big fan of mythology and fantasy so getting to experience it by pretending to be a part of it was exhilarating. I was hooked. Oddly there was a long break before my second game, Marvel Superheroes. Since then I have played a number of games of various genres. I’ve been a player and a GM.

I think the ENnies are an import part of the gaming community. It helps introduce new games, developers and ideas that may otherwise go unnoticed. As a judge, I would like to further the aims and goals of what has become a gaming institution.

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James Surano


I started gaming solo game books, such as the Fighting Fantasy books, and Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf. Those held me over until I went to college, and met my first gaming groups, starting with Cyberpunk2020 and then, later that summer, with the brand new launch of 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Through the ensuing years, I’ve enjoyed the hobby both as a GM and as a player. I’ve organized game days, made countless friendships and relationships, and previously served as an ENnies Judge during the 2010-2011 submission year. I’m running for Judge this year both to give back some service to the hobby that has defined more than half my life, and out of the desire to increase the visible representation in the hobby. While the hobby has grown significantly over the years, it can always open the doors to people who previously thought it wasn’t for them.

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