3 days left to Vote!

Best of luck to all our nominees – 3 days left!


6 Responses to “3 days left to Vote!”

  1. Ben says:

    Voting booth seems closed? I thought it was open until tonight?

  2. Eggrolled says:

    Same. It appears closed. Disappointed, as I took the time to make an informed vote and had planned to vote today

  3. Yeah I thought it was closing tonight.

  4. Cindy Whitehead says:

    Sorry about that! We’re back up and running, please vote!

  5. Ahmet Fikret TOKER says:

    oylama açılmıyor ne yazık ki…

  6. Cindy Whitehead says:

    Yes, voting closed 3 hours prior to your attempt.

    Thank you!