After careful review of all the feedback received, the ENnie Awards is pleased to announce our updated categories. The changes include a new category to recognize Best Layout and Design and the revision of several categories to provide better clarity. The categories have been reduces by one to twenty three. These changes are effective immediately.

Please note: There are only five weeks left to submit products for consideration for the 2019 awards! Any package with a postmark dated after May 4, 2019 will not be accepted and any e-submission received after May 4, 2019 will not be accepted.  There are a few categories, such as Organized Play, that currently do not have enough submissions to justify the category.  Only submitted items are considered for nomination. For details on how to submit a product for consideration, please visit the 2019 Submission Form page.


  • Best Adventure
  • Best Aid / Accessory – Digital (Examples include: Digital Campaign Managers, Digital Play Aids, online Audio, Recorded Music and Sound Effects, etc.)*
  • Best Aid / Accessory – Non-Digital (Dice, GM Screens, Maps, Miniatures, etc.)*
  • Best Art, Interior
  • Best Art, Cover
  • Best Cartography
  • Best Electronic Book (Content has not been made available in Hard Copy. Print on Demand is not considered to be hard copy for purposes of this category).
  • Best Family Game / Product
  • Best Free Game / Product
  • Best Game
  • Best Layout and Design* (New category!)
  • Best Monster / Adversary
  • Best Online Content* (Blogs, Websites, eZines -combined Blog and Website into one concise category to also include other similar content, such as eZines).
  • Best Organized Play
  • Best Podcast
  • Best Production Values
  • Bet RPG Related Product
  • Best Rules
  • Best Setting
  • Best Supplement
  • Best Writing
  • Fan Favorite Publisher (Nominated by the Fans! Must have published something in the last five years to be eligible).
  • Product of Year

*This category is newly defined or updated.

Please join us to see the presentation of these awards at the 19th annual ENnie Awards at Gen Con on August 2nd at 8:00 PM EST at the Union Station, Indianapolis, Indiana. We will also be Live-streaming the ceremony.

More updates coming in April!

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