Thanks for the opportunity!

I’m taking a break from the 95 degree weather and the backyard landscaping project that goes along with it, to thank everyone involved (ENnies staff, judges, publishers, and fans) for a wonderful year.  It’s been a pleasure working with the ENnies.

Nominations will be made public soon and we’ll all have a chance to vote on the products that we think deserve Gold and Silver awards.  In a slight departure from previous years, we’ll also have a chance to vote for next year’s judges at the same time we’re voting on products for this year.  I’m running again this year and I would greatly appreciate any support from the community.  Also, I wholeheartedly endorse any and all of the other judges I worked with this year (Jay Peters, Megan Robertson, Christopher W. Richeson, & Jeramy Ware).  The were knowledgable, great to work with, and each brought something different to the table.  I hope you’ll grant them your consideration also.

Win or lose, thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve.  I appreciate it.


-Mark Green

One Response to “Thanks for the opportunity!”

  1. Just so, Mark – it’s been an amazing year for all of us.

    The support has been fantastic, from the outright shock of getting elected last summer, through the helpfulness of the ENnies staff and the copious submissions of excellent product from many publishers, to the erudite comments of the other Judges particularly as the final selections for nominations have been made.

    You’ve all been wonderful, thank you all very much!

    Hugs from Megan