Q: How is it decided which products are nominated under which category?

  • The judges must come to a consensus when it comes to nominations. They decide which products are nominated under certain categories. A publisher can request to not be nominated under a specific category, but they can’t request to be nominated under a specific category.
  • This will not happen until after the cutoff date for the current submission period.

Q: Is there a place I can go to see what has been submitted?

  • Of course! We have a running list of submissions at the top of the page.

Q: I’m interested in being a sponsor but I am also interested in submitting my product. Would there be a conflict of interest?

  • No. We have had sponsors in the past who were also companies who had entered their products. You just need to be aware that there is absolutely no favoritism when it comes to the ENnie Awards. Being a sponsor in no way, shape, or form guarantees a nomination, much less a win.

Q: How come “Product X” wasn’t submitted?

  • A lot of people ask us why their favorite products were not submitted. The answer is that we have no control over it. If you want a publisher to submit a product, then you need to contact them and convince them to do so.

Q: I’m not a publisher but I don’t think the publisher whose product I like/worked on is going to submit it. Can I submit it for them?

  • Yes but only if
    • The product meets all the submission requirements;
    • You supply the required number of copies; and
    • You include proof the publisher does not object to the entry of the product.

Q: I sell my product in both Physical and PDF format. Can I submit in PDF format only? 

  • Yes.

Q: How many times can I vote?

  • It is very important that the democratic principle of “one person, one vote” be followed. If you have already voted for products and/or judges, then please do not vote for them again from a different computer. Also, please do not ask people to vote multiple times to pad the votes for a certain product or judge.

Q: Someone has already voted at my location and I’m trying to vote, but it’s telling me that I have already done so. Why is that?

  • If you are voting from home or work where someone else may have already voted, the IP address will be recorded and no further attempts will be permitted from that IP address. If this is the case, you need to find another method of accessing the Internet and vote using that connection.
  • In other cases, those whose computers get dynamic (changing) IP addresses may be told they voted even though no one from their home or workplace did so already. In this case, we recommend waiting a day and trying again as your computer may be given a different IP address. Just remember, even if you do have access to multiple IP addresses, we follow the democratic principle of one person, one vote.

Q: I saw the ceremony and noticed that each publisher had different music play when they accepted their award. Why is that?

  • Each publisher is asked to submit a song to play if they are announced as a winner in a category. They choose the music themselves; we just play what we’re given.

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