Q: How is it decided which products are nominated under which category?

Q: Is there a place I can go to see what has been submitted?

Q: I’m interested in being a sponsor but I am also interested in submitting my product. Would there be a conflict of interest?

Q: How come “Product X” wasn’t submitted?

Q: I’m not a publisher but I don’t think the publisher whose product I like/worked on is going to submit it. Can I submit it for them?

Q: I sell my product in both Physical and PDF format. Can I submit in PDF format only? 

Q: How many times can I vote?

Q: Someone has already voted at my location and I’m trying to vote, but it’s telling me that I have already done so. Why is that?

Q: I saw the ceremony and noticed that each publisher had different music play when they accepted their award. Why is that?