How To Help

Organizing and presenting an annual award ceremony incurs thousands of dollars of expenses in booth dressing, shipping, awards, advertising, and other expenses. Fortunately our sponsors defray much of them. But they can’t cover every penny spent, and those copper pieces really add up, especially when we’re trying to increase the visibility of the Awards at Gen Con Indy, in trade magazines, and with retailers. Our corporate sponsors help a great deal, and to them we owe a great debt of gratitude.

Spread the Word!

Every year, we create flyers with nominees and winners for you to bring to your Friendly Local Gaming Store and ask the good folks there to put a copy up on the community board and/or by the cash register.  Let us know the name of the store(s) along with a web page address and/or storefront address and we’ll post a link to their website. Keep an eye out for announcements of flyers ready to download closer to Gen Con.


If you would like to sponsor the ENnies, please contact the Business Manager via e-mail at

Extra Medals

If you have won a medal in the past, and would like a new Campaign Coin ENNIE WINNER medal, please contact the Business Manager via e-mail at

Dream Date Auctions

The annual Gen Con EN World RPG Awards are a celebration of excellence in table-top RPGs. So what better way to celebrate than sharing the table at the awards ceremony with your favorite game designers and publishers? Or if a designer can’t make it that night, how about representing them at the ceremony? All winners of the Dream Date Auctions enjoy reserved seating at the tables close to the stage with the publishers.

Sixth Pile Auctions

Every year, publishers submit six copies of their finest product to the ENnies for consideration. But there are only five judges, so you may ask what happens to the extra product? Nominated and winning products are used for display purposes at the booth at Gen Con Indy, and then are used to help defray costs of running the ENnie Awards; they could be auctioned at the silent auction at Gen Con, or donated to our hard-working volunteers and staffers.

Silent Auction

Thanks to the support of many publishers and individuals, the 2017 ENnies were able to raise over one thousand seven hundred dollars through our silent auction. If you or your company would like to contribute to next year’s silent auction, please contact the Business Manager at


The ENnie Awards are always on the lookout for people to help staff our information booth at GenCon. If you would like to volunteer your time to the ENnies, please contact the Business Manager via e-mail at

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