Russ Morrissey, Owner – Russ Morrissey is the owner of the ENnies, which he created in 2001 with the help of Eric Noah.  At first it was an online-only event, but the following year, at the invitation of Peter Adkison, he moved the ceremony to Gen Con, where it has thrived ever since.  Russ has been responsible for the overall direction and long term goals of the awards for well over a decade now, which explains why he always looks so tired.  In recent years, Russ has also displayed a disturbing tendency to stand in front of video cameras – something for which he has great enthusiasm, but little actual skill!  Russ is also responsible for appointing the ENnies Business Manager which he does on a scientific basis of ‘shorter than him, taller than him, shorter than him, taller than him’.
Gabriel Whitehead, Business Manager – Gabriel (a.k.a. FickleGM) officially joined the staff in January, 2013, as the Assistant Business Manager, in order to learn from Tony Law as the latter prepared for his final GenCon as Business Manager of The ENnies. At the conclusion of GenCon 2013, Gabriel assumed the role of Business Manager, excited for the opportunity to continue building upon the success that Tony had achieved. While a mild-mannered computer programmer by day, Gabriel has managed various projects, been a Toastmasters officer and is currently the President of his Toastmasters club. He has over 25 years of roleplaying experience and has been assisting with the ENnies, along with his wife, in some capacity since 2005, when his wife’s “Garden Expo Booth Expertise” was helpful in setting up the ENnies booth. What he lacks in height, he makes up for in laughs.


Hans Cummings, Submissions Coordinator – Hans joined the ENnie Awards full-time in 2009 to serve as Submissions Coordinator after several years of helping out here and there. He has been gaming since 1982 and has watched the industry’s growth and changes. When he’s not gaming or keeping the judges in line and on-task, he serves a the Production Coordinator for a local hardware industry trade organization making business-to-business catalogs. He is also an author. His debut novel, Wings of Twilight, was published in 2011 and he has at least two more on track for an early 2012 release. He also runs RPGs for his friends in Indianapolis, the exploits of which can be followed at the Doctor Strangeroll blog.


Carlos Smith, Official ENnie Awards Photographer – Carlos A. Smith first joined the ENnie staff indirectly in August of 2004. It was his first time being at Gen Con and witnessing the ENnie Awards. He has participated regularly in many hobbies throughout the last thirty years, including comic books, video games and RPGs (24 years!). Photography was an off and on thing to do, going back almost 40 years. A self-taught photographer, Carlos has provided many shots of the ENnie Awards since 2004, and each time there has been an improvement on his ‘novice’ skills (gaining XP). Strictly voluntarily, he has provided many quality photos to be viewed by anyone who hasn’t visit Gen Con or the ENnie Awards throughout the years, through his account on Flickr (account name Bajan Man, but look for Gen Con tag dates via that name also). Mr. Smith has maintained a strong commitment to be the ‘historical recorder’ for the ENnie Awards and many other things. He will continue his mission as long as the RPG industry exists or someone opens a Gate spell and shifts him somewhere else.
Luke Withrow, Technical Coordinator – Luke’s older brother introduced him gaming when he was eight, and he’s been an avid gamer ever since. From those early days of 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragons, through the teen years with the World of Darkness, and now in the days of Pathfinder and Dread, Luke’s enjoyed being a part of the evolution of the gaming industry.When he’s not gaming, Luke teaches people how to build Web sites, and volunteers with the American Cancer Society.


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