An Open Letter to All RPG Fans/Publishers

Good Afternoon from Rainy Boston, MA ~

As was mentioned in the beginning of our year of judging, we are only able to nominate what has been submitted to us. Now with 18 days until the deadline (I can’t believe it has almost been a year already) I urge you to look at the submissions list above.

Is your favorite product of the year listed there?

If it is, excellent. But if it is not, now is the time to start reaching out to your favorite publishers and asking them to submit their products.

Publishers, I can’t stress enough the importance of getting your materials out before the deadline. Not only to give us time to read, review and possibly playtest; but if you don’tyour product won’t be eligible for nomination. It would be incredibly sad to not be able to include a great product because it was mailed on May 9th.

The rest of the judges and I have been kicking it  into overdrive with reading, playtesting and reviewing and when we release the nominations list, we want it to show the best that the RPG world has to offer.

Happy Gaming!


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