Announcement: ENnie Special Guest Presenters

The ENnie Awards is pleased to announce our distinguished panel of guest presenters for the 2018 ENnie Awards, taking place on August 3rd, 2018 at Union Station during Gen Con!

Stacy Dellorfano is the founder of ConTessa, the Diana Jones nominated and ENnie Award winning organization that seeks to change the face of gaming through an innovative convention-within-a-convention program run entirely by women and minorities, and open to attendance by all. Using the power of positive representation, ConTessa has been inspiring leaders and creators for nearly five years. In addition, Stacy writes and directs games and adventures with the most recent addition being the completion of the 3rd printing of Swords & Wizardry, revisioned by a design team comprised entirely of women.

BJ Hensley is the Vice President of Lone Wolf Development, the makers of the ENnie Award winning Hero Lab, and the founder of Playground Adventures. She is a fan of family togetherness and is dedicated to ensuring that both her family and others have creative outlets they can share together. She wholeheartedly believes that RPGs are capable of being an interactive classroom for problem solving, arithmetic, reading, writing, social skills lessons, and more. When she isn’t hard at work furthering the goals of LWD/PGA she can be found working with multiple charities and other publishing companies in a variety of capacities. Her most recent projects include work for Gallant Knight Games, Green Ronin, Kobold Press, Metal Weave Games, Rite Publishing, RCRF, Room to Read, and Wizards of the Coast. She’s also the proud leader (parent) of a six-person adventuring party and their two furry companions.

Mark Morrison is part of the team at Campaign Coins, maker of the Ennie Award Medallion. He has also written and edited numerous scenarios for Chaosium Inc., including Reign of Terror, one of this year’s Ennie Award nominations for Best Supplement.

Amanda Valentine, a veteran ENnies presenter, is a developer and editor whose work you’ve probably seen but, if she’s done her work right (and she usually does), you didn’t notice. Recent editorial accomplishments include the games ENnie award winning Masks, ENnie award winning Bubblegumshoe, 2018 ENnie Award nominated Bluebeard’s Bride, and Karthun, fiction for *7th Sea*, and novels by Elizabeth Cole.

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