Announcement: New Business Manager!

After three successful years as Business Manager for the annual Gen Con EN World RPG Awards, Gabriel Whitehead is taking a more behind-the-scenes role with the awards. Gabriel and Cindy Whitehead will still be attending Gen Con and will still be involved with the ENnies, but it’s time for a new Business Manager to take the reigns!

Russ Morrissey would like to announce that he has selected Stacy Muth as our new business manager!  Stacy has been a long time GenCon ENnies volunteer and a judge since 2014, and is looking forward to the opportunity to take over the leadership role of Business Manager. You can reach her at  We’re still working through the transition, and we definitely wish Stacy the best in this new endeavor!


One Response to “Announcement: New Business Manager!”

  1. Tony Law says:

    Congratulations, Stacy!