Announcing the 2016 ENnies Guest Presenters!

I am happy to announce our guest presenters for 2016.

Helping our host, Kevin Kulp, present this year’s awards will be:

  • Amanda Valentine is an editor and developer whose work includes Little Wizards, Urban Shadows, a wide variety of Fate games and publications, and a growing quantity of novels and fiction. She blogs sporadically at about editing, parenting, and gaming. At she writes spoilerific book reviews for adults who care about what the kids in their lives are reading. You can find her on Twitter as @ayvalentine and@reads4tweens. She lives and works in the wilds of central Pennsylvania, where she mentors her two geeklings and a middle school RPG club.

  • Matt McElroy is the Director of Publishing for and related sites. Here, he works with publishers to deliver your favorite RPGs in digital and print editions. Matt has also done freelance development for Vampire: the Masquerade and Hunter: the Vigil.
  • Shanna Germain. claims the titles of flower picker, tire kicker, knife licker, she-devil, vorpal blonde, and Schrödinger’s brat. She is co-owner of Monte Cook Games, and has worked as an author and editor on myriad games and books.

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