Announcing the Co-Hosts of the 2014 ENnie Awards

The ENnie Awards is proud to present the co-hosts for this years ceremony to take place on Friday, August 15: Bill Cavalier and Jen Page!

We are excited to have such luminaries co-hosting the event and we look forward to seeing you there.

Bill Cavalier and Jen Page


Born during a rare convergence between Asgard and the Elemental Plane of Badassitude, Bill Cavalier aka THE DUNGEON BASTARD has inspired thousands of gamers with his peerless wit and brash advice. Whether it’s choosing a race (anything that ends in “warf”), choosing a weapon (anything ending in “axe”) or choosing a snack for your game (anything ending in “jerky”) Bill fearlessly offers his professional ADVENTURE COACHING to the unenlightened masses who seek counsel at He puts the ‘A’ in “AC”, the ‘natural’ in “Nat 20” and the Dagger of Venom in the ribs of the half-elven bard. Bill is honored to grace the stage alongside the incomparable Jen Page this year since — like any good powergamer — he made Charisma his dump stat.

Jen Page

If there was such thing as real life ‘Experience Points’, Jen Page would be racking up the geek stats. She’s modeled for various game art including Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons and Forgotten Realms. Her likeness appears in three different graphic novels and she’s been made into a mini, twice. She’s also ambitiously pursuing her own art contributions to RPGs including illustrating maps, mythical races and monstrous creatures. She enjoys genre writing for film, web series and short subjects. Her acting career embraces gamer and sci-fi/fantasy interests such as the explosively visual smash-hit Project London and the beloved Gamers films. Catch her this year in Chop Socky Boom, season 2,  The Coffee Table, season 2 and lending her voice to the CGI feature film, Dead Salvage. She looks forward to co-hosting the ENnies this year with a certain Dungeon Bastard, knowing full well she’ll need to make some successful Sanity Checks.

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