Can D&D Make You A Confident & Successful Person?

This was a question posed by the Idea Channel of PBS and you can view the video below. Personally, as a tabletop gamer and as a father, I have to answer “YES!” Tabletop gaming has helped my 10-year-old son to develop his brilliant imagination, learn basic math skills, try out creative ways to solve problems, learn social skills, practice writing skills by creating his own adventures, etc. He is extremely gifted and does well in school (we hear a lot from his teacher’s on how “well-rounded” he is) and I really believe a lot of it stems from the fact that he’s been playing RPGs since he was six.

As a tabletop gamer myself, I’ve learned problem-solving skills as a player and people-managing skills as a GM. And as a teacher, it’s blatantly obvious, to me at least, on how the set of skills needed to teach are very similar, if not completely identical, to the ones needed to GM.

So what do you think? How has D&D, or any tabletop RPG really, affected your life outside of gaming?

One Response to “Can D&D Make You A Confident & Successful Person?”

  1. Markus says:

    yes it did.
    I have good friends, a lovely wife (and children) and an international career because D&D and RPG gave me a different idea of studying, working hard, developing myself, understanding social dynamics and made me want to learn more of them.