Congratulations to the 2012 ENnie Award winners!

Congratulations to all of the winners! This year’s races were very close and a lot of them came down to the wire!

Winners  – Feel free to download your badges here:

Best Adventure

Best Aid/Accessory

Best Art, Cover

Best Art, Interior

Best Blog

Best Cartography

Best Electronic Book

Best Free Product

Best Game

Best Miniatures Product

Best Monster/Adversary

Best Podcast

Best Production Values

Best RPG Related Product

Best Rules

Best Setting

Best Supplement

Best Website

Best Writing

Product of the Year

Fan’s Favorite Publisher

Judges’ Spotlight Award

10 Responses to “Congratulations to the 2012 ENnie Award winners!”

  1. Megan says:

    Congratulations to all from RPG Resource!

  2. Barry says:

    I see that once again the ENnies show themselves as nothing more than a giant popularity contest. Once again the Publisher that can raise a giant legion of fans wins every award they’re up for. I always hope for more out of the gaming community. And am always disappointed.

  3. Fred Hicks says:

    Yeah, Barry! It’s always disappointing to see that a GIANT NUMBER OF PEOPLE are EXCITED ABOUT THE HOBBY enough so that they’re MOTIVATED TO VOTE for the things that make them happy.

    Man, that SUCKS.

    You sure told us!

  4. Amanduh says:

    I’m confused by Barry’s comment. I thought the Ennies were voted on by fans? If that’s so, then the games with the most fans are going to win. If I were voting, I’d vote for the games I liked best regardless of who published them. I’m not going to say, “Well, I don’t know anyone who played Barry’s company’s game, but I guess I’ll vote for it instead of for the game that we all played and enjoyed”, or “Well, I honestly thought Barry’s company’s game was boring, but I guess I’ll vote for it anyway because they’re a small publisher and I want to encourage them to make more boring games”.

  5. Francisco says:

    I’m glad for The One Ring and Cubicle 7. And specially satisfied for Evil Hat silver in Fan’s favorite publisher.

  6. Gratz to all the winners, and gratz to all the nominees, just making it to the ENnies is an honor.

  7. Whiskey Jack says:

    @Barry – *someone* has to pick who is receiving an award. In this case, it is a fan-driven, open-to-vote award… not a an award given by a peer-group of game designers/publishers. Sorry you don’t feel that a fan-based award system is the kind of way you would like to see recognition given in the industry. If you were to put together a peer-group driven award, as I mentioned previously, then you would end up with someone QQing about how “fans weren’t involved”.

    The Ennies are what they are… yes, it is, in part, a popularity contest, but the idea is that the popularity is driven by superior product design. You don’t have to agree with the results either… play what you like.

    Congratulations to the winners and to our hobby- we are lucky to have passionate people working to make the best products they can.

  8. here4dafreeswag says:

    Since the Words to the Wise ain’t available for free now, mebbe the bronze winner can be put up as sort of a consolation prize? Just asking, of course.

  9. uhexed says:

    I’m not high on a “peoples choice” type awards, with such a small voting public. I can see both sides but with just a few companies that dominate the hobby the winners are predictable. It is hard to find a good way to award games for a Eenie Gold or Silver but one solution I’ve kicked around is having a list of industry leaders, that throw their hat into the ring, to be a judge (Like maybe 5 judges get voted in.) Majority rules when picking for the categories. (Maybe a bio page could be posted on a Eenie website to give the public a good idea just who the judges are.)

    Instead of a bronze award maybe have a judges pick, where each judge can select one category (With the exception of best company) that didn’t win an award and they thought deserved one and state why they thought so.

    It is kind’s like government where you elect your representative. From there it is pretty much the same with companies submitting products for the judges. Makes the selection of judges transparent and takes away the popularity contest.

  10. Maleketh says:

    Wait, you mean there are people out there who thought Marvel Heroic Roleplaying was a good system?


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