Continued Improvement of the ENnie Awards

The ENnie Award staff continues to seek ways to improve.  Based on your feedback, we have refined our processes and put additional levers in place to continue to improve and serve the gaming community.

ENnie Award Voting – One Person (one IP) / One Vote Method

While there were some concerns expressed over the potential for manipulation, the majority (68%) of those that participated in the survey felt the process was fine.  We have explored putting additional requirements on voter participation, such as email authentication.  While certainly doable, it is currently cost prohibitive.  Eventually, the ENnie Awards team would like to go to this enhanced security measure. We are currently exploring additional revenue streams to determine if this can be a future improvement goal.

ENnie Award Transparency

Overwhelmingly, the consistent message we have received is the need for education and the desire for additional transparency on our processes and what measures we use to ensure fairness. To that end, below is a list of all the actions that have been taken over the past ten months.

  • Solicited feedback from the public via a request for email and open forum discussion.
  • Conducted an anonymous survey open to the public focusing on both our processes and perceptions.
  • Updated our rules to more clearly articulate expectations and provide more transparency in all of our processes.
  • Updated our Submissions Form to provide clearer guideline of expectations and rules.
  • Established clear rules of disqualification for publishers that actively campaign for or against any judge candidates.
  • Updated submission guidelines to ensure fairness and ability for judges to provide a fair review. Specifically, we are requiring podcasts to only submit a 15 minute Best Of clip so that all submissions are the same.
  • Expanded the application time frame on the self-nominated judges to ensure a broad pool of candidates.
  • Thoroughly reviewed and updated the award categories.

The specific improvements to the judges area include:

  • Regularly scheduled meetings with the judges monitored by an ENnie staff member to ensure all products are receiving review and given fair, impartial consideration.
  • Established clear directions on expectations of the judging role.
  • A monitored private Facebook group where all conversations are open.
  • An enhanced NDA that all judges must sign which includes provisions attesting to their agreement to provide fair review to all submitted products.
  • Monitored meetings with the judges during the deliberation phase, again to ensure there is no unfairness /bullying during this crucial part of the process.


Thank you,
Stacy Muth
ENnies Business Manager

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