Important Announcement Regarding Our Submission Policy

“Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’… Into the future…” – Steve Miller Band

Hello ENnies fans!

As we prepare for the future of the ENnie Awards, we’ve had to take a long look at the current state of the RPG publishing market and where we see it heading.

In years past, the market was flooded with published books that showed up in all manner of FLGS’ around the world. When the ENnies started, that’s how gamers typically got their RPG material; they went to the store, laid their money down, and went home with a bright and shiny new book.

And then things began to change. RPG material started to become more and more easily available on the Internet. Companies like DriveThruRPG and Indie Press Revolution started up. People began to host their own websites and their own products. Small publishers now had the ability to distribute their material without having to pay the costs associated with printing, binding, shipping, etc.

Today, a lot of RPG business is done this way. From perusing a publisher’s wares, to purchasing them, to downloading them; it’s almost all done online.

And this brings us back to the ENnies. The ENnies has always been dedicated to judging the products that the consumer has in their hands. That way, the average gamer would have more of an understanding as to what they were voting for. This is one of the reasons why we have always asked for physical copies of products if they are published in both physical and electronic format. But, as stated above, the trend has been moving to electronic products being what the average user “has in their hands.” And that is why we are changing our policy.

Starting with submissions for the 2013 ENnie Awards, publishers will have a choice on how they want to submit their products. If a product is published both physically and electronically, the publisher can decide to submit either the physical product or the electronic product, but not both.

Now, another reason we have continued to require physical submissions is because we auction them off to cover the costs associated with the ENnies; unfortunately flyers, frames, ceremonies, etc., don’t come cheap. So because of our change above, we need to make one more policy change.

Starting with submissions for the 2013 ENnie Awards, we will raise our submission fees for electronic submissions. Submitting one electronic product will now have a fee of $7.50. Submitting two or more electronic products total will now have a fee of $15. Physical submissions will continue to have no entry fee.

Hopefully, this change in policy will help everyone who wants to submit their products to the ENnies.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me at

Tony Law
ENnie Awards Business Manager

One Response to “Important Announcement Regarding Our Submission Policy”

  1. Megan says:

    Have you considered taking out an affiliate account at OBS? Then as you list entries here, use the affiliate link rather than one to the publisher’s website and encourage curious visitors to purchase using the link. That should add a little to your coffers!