Important Announcement Regarding the ENnie Awards Submissions Fees

Hello once again from the ENnies!

If you recall, a month ago I announced that the ENnies would begin to allow a publisher the choice of either submitting the hard/softcover or PDF version of a product if they so desired.

In the same post, it was announced that our entry fees would be going up to cover the cost of doing business for the ENnies. Since then, we’ve been crunching the numbers and looking over everything related to the financing of the ENnies. And here’s what we’ve come up with…

Starting with the 2013 ENnie Awards, and for the foreseeable future, submission fees are no longer required if you are submitting products. If you are shipping physical products, you will still be responsible for shipping costs.

Hopefully, this change in policy will help everyone who wants to submit their products to the ENnies.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me at

Tony Law
ENnie Awards Business Manager

2 Responses to “Important Announcement Regarding the ENnie Awards Submissions Fees”

  1. Alphastream says:

    I’m not clear what this means. Does this mean someone submitting a pdf adventure has no fee, but someone submitting a podcast does have a fee? Also, is there a definition for “product”? For example, if the adventure was freely available and never sold, is a fee still necessary?

    While I’m at it, I’ll again request that we please have a category for Organized Play. I could see one for both best organized play program and also for best organized play adventure.

  2. Tony Law says:

    No, it means that no product requires a submission fee. So PDFs, podcasts, blog, etc., no longer require fees.


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