Interview – Dave McAlister (UK Role Players)

UK Role Players is an RPG hub for gamers in the United Kingdom.

First off, let me thank you for taking the time to be interviewed for the ENnies. I truly appreciate you taking the time to talk about the ENnies.

Starting off with a more personal question, UK Role Players was started in 2003 to give gamers in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales a central location to discuss RPGs, write articles, list clubs in the area, etc. So what keeps you going? What keeps you enthusiastic about working in the RPG industry?

I ask myself the same questions on a regular basis! Seriously, the people who visit, and participate, in the website are the main motivation. Originally, the website was just a forum. Over the years it has evolved into a true community with additional features that, hopefully, visitors find useful. Although I’ve tried my hand at writing, it’s not my forte so I’m happy to “give something back” by running UK Role Players.

Earlier this year, your site was nominated for Best Website. What did you think of the ENnies when you found out that you were nominated?

I already had a respect for the ENnies built up from when they first started. Obviously, I was overjoyed to be nominated and I’ve always said that just being nominated is an award in itself –  especially for someone like myself who isn’t a professional in the industry.

Did your nomination affect site traffic?

It certainly did. Almost 10% of the traffic UK Role Players received from the nomination announcements to the posting of the results came from the ENnies website.

What projects do you have on the schedule; anything you can talk about?

The website had a big “revamp” earlier this year with the addition of guest columnists and more emphasis on the news updates but there are no plans for any new additions in the foreseeable future. Provided the Mayans aren’t right, I may have something for the tenth anniversary of the website in 2013 though.

Now that we’ve been around for over a decade, what do the ENnies mean to you both personally and professionally?

This year made it my fourth nomination (and one Honourable Mention) over the years, all for the same (or similar) category as I also run Modus Operandi which was nominated in 2004, 2005 and 2006 (and ran Window of Opportunity which garnered the Honourable Mention in 2004). As you can imagine, those nominations mean a lot to me and I hope to add to them in the future.

Last question; if someone who had never heard of the ENnie Awards walked up to you today and asked, “So what are these ‘ENnies’ you keep talking about,” how would you answer them?

The simple answers are, invariably, the best in situations like this so I’d tell them that the ENnies are industry awards voted for by the gaming public.

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