Let the Playtesting Begin!

I have been hard at work and decided to take a break give the ENnies fans an update!

I have been reading now for a little over a month and it is time to start preparing games.  ICONS and A Taste for Murder are the first on my list.

My first ICONS playtest will be happening at DC Gameday, taking place on Columbus Day weekend. This will be different than anything I have ever run before, because I will be running a game for both kids and adults! I am really looking forward to testing this system, and have been ever since I finished reading it.

A Taste for Murder is going to be a lot of fun. Halloween in New England is a great time for running a murder mystery/who-dun-it game.

My goal as far as playtesting goes is to host a Saturday gameday or two a month and test two games a gameday. This will be the first one of many!  (Much to the excitement of my husband, I think.)

Stay tuned, and if you are attending the DC Gameday… I’ll see you in a couple of weeks!

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