New Submissions Form is Online

Starting today, publishers will now be able to use an online form for their submissions. Whether you’re planning on sending packages to the judges or submitting your products electronically, you can use the online form to let us know about your products. For more information, check out the “How to Enter” page on the ENnie Awards website:

3 Responses to “New Submissions Form is Online”

  1. Swordgleam says:

    Awesome! Submitting just keeps getting easier.

    I do have a couple of questions.

    I have some products that aren’t currently out, but will be out by the eligibility deadline (I sincerely hope). Should I enter them now and send them once they’re released, or fill out a separate form for each one as it is released? If I do the latter, how will this affect the bundle fee for e-submissions?

    Also, have you considered having people send a virtual sixth copy with their e-submissions? A sixth product code or a coupon for a download or something of the sort, so that electronic products can also be auctioned off.

  2. Tony Law says:

    1) I would wait on your product. Filling out a separate form for each product would not make the cost increase for you, but it would be more difficult for us to keep track of on our end.

    2) We have not considered a sixth code. The reason we are charging a minimal fee this year for e-submissions is because it is more difficult to auction off PDFs. Therefore, it would not be fair to charge for submissions AND auction them off. Granted, if the submitters wish to include a sixth code/coupon to allow us to auction them off, that is there prerogative, but we will not require it.

  3. Swordgleam says:

    Thanks for the response!