Only a few days until bidding on Publisher Karaoke begins!

Bidding starts on April 1st! Are you a publisher who wants to be part of the action? Then contact me at!

Original Post:

As you know, the ENnies relies on sponsors and fundraisers such as the Silent Auction for funds. This year, we’re introducing a new fundraiser that, hopefully, will both bring in money and entertain people. So what’s it going to be?

Publisher karaoke.

Here’s how it works. Starting on April 1st, we will begin listing publishers/people who have agreed to participate as well as the songs they will sing. People will be able to donate money via PayPal, a dollar or two or as much as you want to donate, towards their favorite publisher. On May 1st, the fundraiser will stop. At that time, the top three money-making publishers will be notified that they have won. So what does that mean?

It means that the publisher in question will sing their song immediately before the ENnies ceremony at Gen Con!

As it stands, the following publishers/people have agreed to participate:

Alliteration Ink
Fantasy Flight Games
Graham Walmsley
Rone Barton
Pantheon Press
Wiseman Innovation

We’re hoping to get more publishers to participate. If you don’t see your favorite publisher on the list, contact them and hopefully they’ll decide to participate.

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