Publishers – Come Be an ENnie Awards Dream Date and Get Table Seating!

The ENnie Awards  tables located at the front of the award show continue to be popular. How do you get one, you may ask – It’s easy – be an ENnies Dream Date!

Here’s how it works:

We auction off a seat (or seats if you’d like to sponsor more than one) with your party during the Awards ceremony and have the auction winner meet with you during the Cocktail hour before the ceremony. We ask that you donate something (a t-shirt, autographed book, etc.) to sweeten the deal and drive up the bids!

In return, publishers receive a reserved round table with eight chairs positioned prominently in front of the stage and multiple mentions of sponsorship both prior to and at the awards ceremony. If you are concerned you won’t have enough people to fill the 8 seats, we would be happy to pair you up with another sponsor.

We have a limited number of the round tables available. Tables will be available on a first-come, first-reserved basis. To sign up, please contact Stacy ( with your confirmation.

All proceeds from the Dream Date auctions are used to fund the production of the ENnie Awards each year. Auctions will be held via eBay in Mid-July.

If you don’t plan on attending the ENnies, but would still like to support us, please consider donating to our Silent Auction or become an ENnie Award sponsor!

Thank you,
Stacy Muth
ENnie Awards Business Manager


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