Reading and Playing

Much like the other judges, I’ve been slowly working my way through the materials I received post-Gencon.  Now that over a month has passed, I’ve had an opportunity to look over a number of products and give them some initial playtime.  Since I don’t do published reviews or have a blog outside of the ENnies, I wanted to take a few minutes to update the community on what products I’ve used so far as I work my way through the Big Box.  Here’s a subset of submissions I’ve read and played with (you can find a full list of the entries so far by clicking here):

  • Ultimate Toolbox, AEG
  • Gaming Paper
  • Role Playing Girl Magazine – August 2009, Pirate Jenny
  • Colonial Gothic, Rogue Games
  • Escape From Tentacle City, Willow Palecek
  • Cluster of Wooden Barrels, Acheson Creations
  • 3:16 Carnage Among the Stars Insignias (Sergeant & Brigadier), Box Ninja
  • Army Brat, CMON miniatures
  • Outcast Manhunter, Dark Age Miniatures
  • Mythos Chips, Dagon Industries

There’s still a great deal of material to read through, play with and digest.  Please understand that I’m not finished with the items listed above; I still want to revisit them as more products arrive and I’ve crafted ways to use them in my home game.

Remember, if you don’t see your favorite products or publishers represented in our submissions list, be sure to contact them and encourage them to enter.  After all, we can’t review and nominate products that aren’t submitted.


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