These awards are limited to RPG products, RPG games, RPG accessories, and RPG related items.

A link to the address labels will be provided with the submission confirmation e-mail.

Products submitted for consideration must be samples of those primarily available to the general public.

Publishers that publicly endorse or campaign for a specific prospective judge via website statements, social media, and/or emails during the nomination/voting period are ineligible to have products considered for nomination during that year. This includes but is not limited to official company accounts and company owners.

Only products that have been submitted for judging by the publisher will be considered for nominations. However, authors, artists, and other contributors to products, as well as fans, are allowed to enter products that meet all the submission requirements, provided:

  • They supply the required number of copies.
  • They include proof the publisher does not object to the entry of the product.

The judges reserve the right to dispose of all products entered (upon completion of the judging) as they deem appropriate. The sixth copy of each entry shall be used as a library copy for reference by the Board of Directors during judging, and may be disposed of under the same provisions as the judge’s copies.

ONLY products released between May 1, 2018 and April 30, 2019 will be considered valid submissions.

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