So who are we missing?

May 8th has come and gone and the deadline for submissions has fallen by the wayside. If you haven’t already, check the Submissions Page above to see who’s there and who’s not. With that said, here’s what I would like from you; tell us who we’re missing. Who is not in the list that you wish was there? Judges. Fans. It doesn’t matter. Tell us who you would have liked to have seen submit their products.

Keep two things in mind, please. 1) Some packages may still be on their way and 2) We have no control over who submits. Which brings me to my second request; tell the publishers who are missing that you would have liked to have seen them submit. Whether it’s here, on their official websites, or both. Hopefully that will light a fire under them and get them to submit for the 2011 ENnie Awards. 🙂

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