The nice thing about podcasts

As we approach May, the submissions have increased from a trickle to a steady flow.  One of the categories that is starting to fill out is the podcast category.

Podcasts are fundamentally different from other submissions we receive.  They are non-visual, so there isn’t any art or layout to draw you in.  Not being games, in and of themselves, there are no rules or mechanics to play and ponder.  Instead, podcasts require an entirely different set of judging criteria.

Based on the ENnies submissions rules, podcasts have to submit a “must hear” episode of their choosing.  In addition, the judges all agree on a second, common episode to listen to.  Finally, each judge picks a third episode (using whatever criteria they wish).  So each judge hears three episodes, two in common, while one is semi-randomized among the judges.

I don’t have a set criteria for the third episode.  I might browse the list of titles and pick one that sounds interesting.  I pick one based on an interview or topic teased on their website.  Or, the easiest, I might just listen to the latest episode.

Now that spring weather has finally come to my corner of the world, I can load a podcast up on my smartphone, pop in my earbuds, and give them a listen while I go for an after-lunch walk.  That, to me, is really the nice thing about podcasts; they offer a break from the typical read-play-read grind of judging.

One Response to “The nice thing about podcasts”

  1. walkerp says:

    First of all, let me just say how great it is to see the attention and care you are taking with podcasts. It’s also nice to hear that it’s not a totally overwhelming task to have to listen to so many different podcasts! I was sort of worried that for some of the judges who don’t really listen to podcasts regularily that it might be somewhat of a burden.

    If you are a bit overwhelmed, try listening while you have to do chores, such as washing the dishes or yard work. You’ll find that you are actually able to concentrate on the podcast surprisingly well while your hands do the work. The commute is also a good opportunity, be it on bike or car.

    Happy listening!
    .-= walkerp´s last blog ..episode 8 – an interview with Beat to Quarters creator Neil Gow =-.