What it Means to Be an ENnies Judge

Come One Come All and nominate yourself for ENnies judge! Curious about the role? Read below for some insight from this year’s panel of judges.

Benjamin Adelman

“Being an ENnies judge gave me an opportunity to influence the discussion in a meaningful way. There are nominations on the list that would not be there if each of us hadn’t brought our personal experiences, judgement, and taste to the conversation. Over 400 products were submitted to the ENnies this year. Books, software, supplements, accessories, websites and podcasts. Thousands of hours of personal work and sweat and tears highlighting an incredibly vibrant group of creators. It’s been an absolute honor to see what this community can do.”


Brent Jans

“I was honoured to be chosen as an ENnies judge for 2019. It gave me a new insight into a hobby and an industry I have enjoyed for nearly forty years. There is such a depth and breadth of talent in TTRPGs currently that is exciting, and reading through and listening to the hundreds of submissions really brought that into focus. I hope the new judges bring their wealth of experience and passion for TTRPGs to the position, just as we did this past year.”  Brent also wrote a blog here.


Chris Gath

“I was also a judge about ten years ago. I have been impressed with amount and quality of small press independent publishers. The creativity and imagination in many of these products is easy to see. It was a joy to spend countless nights reading RPG products and analyzing what is good and great about them. It is also my pleasure to be able to share that with the RPG community in the form of our nominations and picks.”


Alexander Holley

“My passions have always aligned with ttrpgs, and being part of the ENnies allowed me an active and exciting role in our community. The friendships formed with the other judges over meaningful discussion, and having my voice heard in a way that could possibly influence the future of our industry, were the best parts of this experience. Getting boxes and boxes of new products to read and dissect was just a perk. If you have ever felt passionately about the future of our industry or want to stretch your mind in new ways over rules and concepts you couldn’t even conceive of before, I highly recommend running to be a judge for the ENnies.”


There is still time to submit your name for consideration as a 2020 judge for the ENnie awards! You can nominate yourself on the ENnie-awards.com websiteThe last day for self-nomination is July 6th.


Here are the upcoming dates for the 2019 Awards:

  • ENnie Award nominations will be announced on July 3rd, 2019.
  • Submissions for Favorite Publisher will be from June 30th  – July 6th.
  • Voting for the 2020 judging panel, fan favorite publisher and 2019 Award Nominees will take place from July 10th – 21st.

Awards will be announced at Gen Con on August 2nd at 8:00 PM EDT at the ENnies 2019 Ceremony at the Union Station, Indianapolis, Indiana.  Come help us celebrate our 19th year. Tickets are free via Gen Con event registration!

Click here to run for Judge!

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