What’s Next for the ENnies?

By Stacy Muth - Last updated: Friday, February 15, 2019 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Business Manager Stacy Muth and Submissions Coordinator / Publisher Liaison Hans Cummings will continue to ensure the awards celebrate excellence in tabletop role-playing.

To that end, there will be additional announcements over the next few weeks, following the feedback survey we sent out late last year. We received a lot of useful information, and we are excited to use that information to make the ENnies better! In addition, we are investigating the possibility of transitioning the ENnies into a Non-Profit organization to ensure its sustainability.

We are also aware of the terrible news regarding RPG writer Zak Smith’s abuse of Mandy, Jennifer, Hannah, and Vivka, all of whom we believe. We will have a separate announcement about that very soon.

Overall, the ENnies shall maintain its strong affiliation to being a fan based award.

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