ENnies 2018 Election

218 Games!


AAW Games

Absolute Tabletop

Adventures in Filbar

Alligator Alley Entertainment

Arc Dream Publishing

Arcanum Syndicate

Arion Games

Atlas Games


Azure Keep

Barrel Rider Games

Basic Fantasy.org

Bedrock Games

Bloat Games

Brotherwise Games

Brutal Games


Bully Pulpit Games

Buried Without Ceremony

Burning Games

Burning Wheel Headquarters

Cakebread and Walton

Campaign Coins

Chaosium Inc.

Christopher Grey

Clockwork Publishing

Corvus Belli

Critical Hit Publishing

Crooked Staff

Cubicle Seven

D101 Games

D20PFSRD Publishing

Dan Coleman Productions

Darker Hues Studios

Deep 7 Press

Density Media

DIY RPG Productions

Dolorous Exhumation Press

Dread Unicorn Games

Dreamscarred Press

Drop Dead Studios


Evil Hat Productions

Exile Game Studio

Fabled Environments

Fainting Goat Games

Fantasy Flight Games

Far Future Enterprises

Fat Goblin Games


Filligree Forge

fire mountain games


Flatland Games

Flying Buffalo Inc.

Flying Mice Games

Free League

Frenzy Kitty Games

Frog God Games

FrostByte Books

Gallant Knight Games


Goblin Stone

Goblinoid Games

Golden Goblin Press

Goodman Games

Greater Than Games

Green Ronin

Grim and Perilous Studios

Grimbold Books

Hero Games

Heroic Maps

Higher Grounds Publishing

Hog Town Games

Hunters Entertainment

Hydra Cooperative

Index Card RPG

Infinite Black


It’s Never Dark Enough

J. Halk Games

James V. West


John Wick Presents

Just Crunch Games

Knight Errant Media

Kobold Press

Lakeside Games

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Lampblack & Brimstone

Lone Wolf Development

Lost Pages

LPJ Design

Magpie Games

Mantikore Verlag

Many-Sided Dice Publishing

MCDM Productions

Melsonian Art Council


Mindjammer Press

Modiphius Entertainment

Moebius Adventures Games

Mongoose Publishing

MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing

Monkeyfun Studios

Monte Cook Games

Mystic Bull Games

Nackter Stahl Verlag

Necrotic Gnome Productions

New Agenda Publishing

Nightfall Games

Noble Knight Games

Nocturnal Media

North Wind Adventures

Old Skull Publishing

Olde House Rules

One Seven Design

Onyx Path Publishing

Other Selves

Outland Arts

Pagan Publishing

Paizo Inc.

Palladium Books

Paradigm Concepts, Inc.

Pegasus Spiele

Pelgrane Press

Peryton Press

Petersen Games

Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Posthuman Studios

Purple Duck Games

Purple Sorcerer Games

Q Workshop

Raging Swan Press

Ravendesk Games

Reaper Miniatures

Red Box Vancouver

red moon medicine show

Renegade Game Studios

Repos Production

Rising Phoenix Games

Rite Publishing

Rose Bailey

Rowan, Rook and Deckard

Schwalb Entertainment

Schwarze Ritter Verlag

Seattle Hill Games

Sentinel Hill Press

Severed books

Shades Of Vengeance

Shawn Tomkin

Shield of Faith Studios

Shinobi 27 Games

Sine Nomine Publishing

Small Niche Games

Son of Oak Game Studio

Spectrum Games


Steamforged Games

Steve Jackson Games

Stormbunny Studios

Storybrewers Roleplaying

Stygian Fox Publishing

Swordfish Islands

System Matters

Tabletop Terrors

The Arcane Library

The Cipher Bureau

The Design Mechanism

The Gauntlet

The Wizard's Tower

Thick Skull Adventures

Third Eye Games

Triple Ace Games

Troll Lord Games

Trollhalla Press

Trollish Delver Games

Truant Spiele

TSR, Inc.

Tuesday Knight Games

Tuesday Night Fiend Club

Uhrwerk Verlag



W. M. Akers

Wayward Rogues Publishing


Wizards of the Coast

Yellow Piece Games

Voting Booth